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Gelrova LED Car Sign Light - Car star 5 Driver Version - D 4"

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  • Gelrova Car Star 5 Driver Version: A led sign product born for professional drivers, equipped with 17 practical preset signals that can be conveniently switched using a remote control.
  • 11 Constant LED Signals: In case of emergencies, it provides 11 illuminating signals as options. These include signals for situations such as calling 911, being held hostage by a gunman, indicating availability as a taxi or rideshare service, picking up passengers, indicating carpool or pool services, indicating a door opening, notifying the presence of a baby in the car, and signaling a car breakdown.
  • 6 LED Signals with Automatic Screen-off Feature: Gelrova Car Star 5 Driver Version also offers the convenience of 6 preset signals that automatically switch to screen-off mode after a duration of 30 seconds. These signals include the gesture of raising one's middle finger, waving for hello, signaling approval with a thumbs-up, indicating the need to merge, signaling a U-turn, and back off reminder.
  • APP Control DIY LED Sign: Connect seamlessly using the App on your Apple or Android device to unlock all the features including: Free-draw and Free-text display, upload your own images or GIFs, or browse the online library filled with tonnes of user-generated GIFs to give you the ultimate customisation available anywhere.
  • Gelrova aims to seamlessly integrate mobile LED into everyday life, allowing people to enjoy convenient communication while expressing their individuality. We welcome you to follow us and discover the endless possibilities. Whether it's adding vibrant colors to your surroundings or creating eye-catching displays, Gelrova brings a touch of uniqueness to the way you connect with the world.

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car led sign round
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